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The San Clemente High School Athletic Program is an important partner in the overall educational experience that a student-athlete receives while attending SCHS.  Our athletic programs will be conducted in a way that is complementary and supportive of the academic programs, and will provide meaningful learning opportunities not otherwise offered in the school classroom curriculum.  SCHS Athletics will assist in developing the habits, attitudes, and ideals necessary to compete in an ethical manner whether it be on the athletic field or in the work place.  The balance between enriching young people through a spirit of cooperation while learning how to compete and reach their individual potential are fostered by a well-conducted athletic program under competent leadership.  Furthermore, the athletic program will provide our students with life-long lessons for personal growth such as sportsmanship, teamwork, ethical behavior, perseverance, commitment, loyalty, self-discipline, pride, responsibility, and leadership skills. We fully understand that academics will open doors for our young people and it is our expectation that our student-athletes will strive for success in the classroom each and every day; however, we believe that their athletic experience will allow them to “stay in the door” by empowering them to persevere and stay the course leading to a successful and fulfilling professional and personal life as they move forward.

Currently, the SCHS Athletic Program consists of 26 different sports and 68 different teams that provide for a variety of opportunities to participate; currently exceeding over 1,400 student-athletes.  The athletic program is tailored to the physical, mental, and emotional maturity level of the participants where student-athletes are matched accordingly.  San Clemente High School will commit to provide, within the limits of available resources, the broadest range of competitive programs for all who wish to participate. 

Sportsmanship will be the top priority of interscholastic athletics.  Commitment to fair play, integrity, and a genuine empathy for others must be taught, practiced, and modeled if coaches are going to make a difference.  Athletics should assist in the development of a well-rounded individual, and encourage the qualities of good citizenship.  Sports play an important role in developing a healthy self-image as well as a healthy body and mind.  Student-athlete self-esteem and self-concept should be elevated through their experience in the Triton Athletic Program.  As a result, our athletic program will contribute to help elevate school and community pride as well.

Interscholastic athletics is a voluntary program.  Thus, participation is a privilege and not a right.  Along with that privilege, student-athletes have the responsibility to conform to standards and expectations established for the SCHS athletic teams.  This privilege may be revoked when an athlete fails or refuses to comply with the rules.  In order to provide the greatest benefit to participants, San Clemente High School will provide adult role models (coaches) who exemplify the kind of behavior and leadership that is to be developed from our athletic program.

The ultimate goal of Triton Athletics is to empower and enrich all student-athletes through their experience within our program.  Although we want to compete at the highest level possible when the athletes reach the varsity, we will never compromise nor make a decision that is not in the best interest of the student-athletes themselves.  We believe that the well-being of our student-athletes comes first, and that through their dedication and commitment, their performance on the field, in the water, on the track, or in the gym, will take care of itself.  Triton Athletics will constantly strive to develop well-rounded individuals who will go on to make a positive impact on their community and our society.